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Enveetech is one of the Best BIM Outsourcing Companies offering Structural BIM Services all around the world assisting Construction companies, Structural Design firms migrate to Building Information Modeling from other systems.


Enveetech house team of experts in Structural BIM MODELING for designs to deliver residential projects with perfection without affecting interior design aesthetics.


Our commercial Structural BIM Modeling experts give designs with minimal use of material without diluting utilities and cut down costs of project construction.


Our offshore project design specialists in Structural BIM Modelling gives the best suitable designs for erecting stable structures for housing major equipments.

Enveetech Structural BIM Modeling

Our expert team of inhouse professionals offer high quality Structural BIM Modeling ensuring on-time delivery and lower costs.

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For a decade, we have been the unyielding providers end to end MEP BIM Services to our clients across the globe.

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Enveetech has partnered with global construction companies, Structural BIM contracting firms and Engineering consultants.

Taking care all sort of projects

We are experts in all sorts of projects ranging from residential, commercial and industrial structures.

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Visible Advantages of BIM

BIM goes beyond the creation of 2D diagrams from 3D models when used to its full potential, it offers the following advantages which cannot be ignored:
  • Saves on costs
  • Spots errors and fixes them before actual construction
  • Speeds up construction schedules
  • Streamlines and automates construction management

Major construction projects around the world are becoming complex. This, in turn, is increasing the risk factor by about 65-75% for construction companies. Managing this complexity is a priority as rework is an expensive option. With BIM early detection of possible issues helps save both time and money.

The Need for Structural BIM in Construction Projects

We understand the need for higher productivity in the construction industry. And with BIM we are providing clients with improved productivity benefits such as increased coordination, analysis, quantification, safety, sustainability and accuracy. We believe we are able to match up to the complexity of construction projects and the increased need to save on available resources. BIM offers the most sophisticated, sustainable tools and processes that can be utilized in construction management. The output of the process is building information models (digital files) that describe every aspect of the project and enhances decision making throughout the project lifecycle.

A structural BIM model is a complex revelation of the structural components of the project including columns, beams and bolts etc.

Every client must be under the importance of such a model for project design point of view. It determines the strength and suitability of purpose for which it is getting constructed. A structural model is more useful for an engineer than an architect associated with the project.

Client Stories

“Thanks to this BIM company , I got all my designs on time and erected them with perfection. The team of professional structural designers of Enveetech helped us to retain all our clients. I got all my work done by this amazing team from the first association with them. ”

Alex travelli

Founder & CEO

“As a fabricator, I am used to seeing a variety of shop drawings from various structural firms. But when I came across drawings from Enveetech, I was entirely convinced about the professional quality. All the drawings were accurate and detailed enough to make our jobs easier. The project got completed ahead of schedule and the final product had zero errors. All thanks to Enveetech! ”

Marc Anderson


“Our project was slightly more complicated than our previous projects and we were turned down by many firms. Finally, when we approached Enveetech we were expecting another negative response. But the structural engineers at Enveetech confidently assured us that they had the capabilities for executing the project and it was completed accurately within the time frame. ”

Chris Rickman