Precast Detailing Service

Enveetech is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to precast detailing services. We come with a demonstrated history of having successfully served clients across the globe especially in India, Australia and Canada.

  • Residential & Commercial Buildings

  • Parking Structures

  • Bridges

  • Retaining walls

  • Foundations

  • Culverts

  • Sound Walls

  • Warehouses

Service Capabilities
  • Precast panel detailing

  • Beam Detailing

  • Column Detailing

  • Flat Slab Detailing

  • Hollow Core slab Detailing

  • Stair Detailing

  • Bar Bending Schedules

  • Quantity Take-offs

  • Shop/ Fabrication drawings

  • Setout Drawings (Marking Plan)

  • General Arrangement Drawings

  • Erection Drawings

  • Connection Details

  • Bar Bending Schedules

  • Site/ Factory Procurements

  • Unitechnik/ Machine files

ENVEETECH Precast Detailing Company

We at Enveetech come with expertise and knowledge for detailing longitudinal wall systems, column systems, frame systems, slab-column systems and large panel systems.

Enveetech - Our Specialties

Over the years we have delivered on a range of projects for our clients and these include:

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Residential buildings

We come with necessary experience in executing large, small and medium residential buildings through precast detailing.

Commercial Buildings

We have helped our clients with precast detailing of large commercial structures within the budget and tight timeframes.

Parking Structures

Our engineers are proficient at detailing parking structures to enable construction within quick time and with accuracy.


We have the proficiency for detailing concrete bridge structures with strict adherence to established specs along with a high degree of quality.

Retaining walls

Our team of engineers and designers come with expertise for detailing retaining walls that are considered extremely convenient by builders.


We come with expertise and resources for designing and detailing precast concrete foundations with high levels of precision.


Enveetech comes with a sound understanding of the processes and techniques associated with precast culverts.

Sound Walls

Our team of engineers has served a multitude of clients in designing and detailing acoustic insulation walls or sound walls.


We, at Enveetech are conversant with the techniques and mechanisms to execute projects in warehouse precast structures from design to construction.

We come with extensive experience in precast detailing and have served clients based on the strength of our service capabilities.

Enveetech - Services Capabilities

Precast panel detailing

We are capable of any kind of concrete panel detailing for any construction project and have catered to a variety of clients.

Beam & Column Detailing

These are fundamental to any construction and we come with the necessary experience in detailing both beams and columns.

Flat Slab Detailing

We come with extensive experience in detailing flat slab construction projects and we have executed layouts like ramps etc.

Hollow Core slab Detailing

Our engineers have dealt with hollow core slab detailing projects and come with expertise in multi-storey apartment buildings.

Stair Detailing

Our in-house team of experts have successfully dealt with stair detailing projects and are conversant with the associated calculations.

Bar bending schedules

We come with the necessary understanding of reinforcement in precast structures and can provide accurate BBS schedules.

Quantity Take-offs

We can provide the exact estimation of materials necessary to complete a precast construction project with precision.

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Enveetech – Our Deliverables

We are professional to the core and ensure the client gets all the necessary deliverables pertaining to the project and these include:

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Site/ Factory Procurements

Our expertise with precast has given us enough experience in construction procurement for improved sustainability in projects.

Unitechnik/ Machine files

We use the open Unitechnik interface for the easy exchange of information with precast concrete plants for higher efficiency.

Shop/ Fabrication drawings

We can provide precise and detailed shop/ fabrication drawings as the guide document for fabricators.

Setout Drawings (Marking Plan)

We can provide accurate and detailed marking and setout plans for a project of any magnitude.

General Arrangement Drawings

We have the expertise to provide details on different projections including plan, section and elevation.

Erection Drawings

We can provide blow-up sections for erection details that depict the connection between different precast elements.

Connection Details

We ensure to provide details on transfer loads, restrain movement and stability of each component in a precast project.

Bar Bending Schedules

We understand the importance of reinforcement in precast concrete and can furnish accurate BBS details for any project.

Enveetech - Standards We Follow

We come with experience of having served global clients and come with knowledge and expertise about prevailing international standards.
  • American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)

    We adhere to standards published by ASTM for all materials, systems, products and services for American clients.

  • Australian Standards (AS)

    We are committed to following standards established by authorities in Australia associated with precast detailing.

  • British Standards (BS)

    Our British client base expects us to closely follow the standards established by authorities in Britain for precast detailing.

  • National Building Code of Canada (NBC)

    We serve our Canadian clients based on the established standards and specifications chalked out by authorities for precast.

  • American Concrete Institute (ACI)

    We adhere to the standards set by ACI when it comes to specifications associated with concrete for precast detailing.

We are not limited just to the aforementioned standards but can adapt in accordance to the demand of the client regardless of the geography. Our designers and engineers are known to quickly adapt to new standards given their experience in the domain.

Enveetech – Technology Used

At Enveetech, we utilize the most recent and updated technologies to deliver on client projects , that is how we retain our competitive edge.
  • AutoCAD

    We use the latest version of AutoCAD to execute all our client projects. We come with extensive experience in designing and drafting on this software application from Autodesk.

  • Revit

    We use Revit software for all our workflow management and it is especially useful for our designers and construction professionals for creating sophisticated models of real-world structures and buildings.

  • Tekla Structures

    We use Tekla structures as Building Information Modelling software that is able to model structures with the added capability to incorporate different kinds of materials such as steel, timber and glass.

  • Planbar

    At Enveetech, we use Planbar to help companies with their precast parts production with a high degree of quality, productivity and cost-efficiency. This software comes from the house of Precast Software Engineering based in Salzburg, Austria.

  • RebarCAD

    Our engineers use RebarCAD for reinforced concrete detailing and bar bending schedule solutions. This comes from the company CADS and runs in AutoCAD. It can be used to detail everything from commercial buildings to power plants.


    This again is a software used for reinforced concrete detailing that runs in AutoCAD and comes with the enviable record of being the industry leader in the domain of rebar detailing for close to 20 years.

We would like to state that we are not limited to these sets of software for precast detailing. But as per client requirements, we can shift and execute projects on newer software with the commitment for final delivery within the stipulated time frames.

Our Engineering Partners

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Auto Cad

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Client Stories

“Thanks to this BIM company , I got all my designs on time and erected them with perfection. The team of professional structural designers of Enveetech helped us to retain all our clients. I got all my work done by this amazing team from the first association with them. ”

Alex travelli

Founder & CEO

“As a fabricator, I am used to seeing a variety of shop drawings from various structural firms. But when I came across drawings from Enveetech, I was entirely convinced about the professional quality. All the drawings were accurate and detailed enough to make our jobs easier. The project got completed ahead of schedule and the final product had zero errors. All thanks to Enveetech! ”

Marc Anderson


“Our project was slightly more complicated than our previous projects and we were turned down by many firms. Finally, when we approached Enveetech we were expecting another negative response. But the structural engineers at Enveetech confidently assured us that they had the capabilities for executing the project and it was completed accurately within the time frame. ”

Chris Rickman