MEP BIM Services

Enveetech is one of the few established names in the business that provides a full range of MEP BIM services to the AEC industry through its competent workforce of MEP/ HVAC engineers capable of providing services to various sectors such as residential, healthcare, and industrial.

Enveetech - Specialties
  • Residential Buildings

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Hospital Buildings

  • Parking Buildings

  • Towers

  • Institutional Buildings

Service Capabilities
  • HVAC/ Electrical & Plumbing

  • Clash Detection & Co-ordination

  • Mechanical Room Modelling

  • MEP 2D Drawings

  • PDF to CAD conversions

  • 3D CAD Modelling

  • BOM & (COBie) Data Entry

  • MEP BIM Model (LOD 300, 400, 500)

  • 2D drawings & Clash Reports

  • Coordination & As-Built Drawings

  • Spool& Section Drawings

  • Bill of Materials

  • MEP Sleeve/ Penetration Drawings

  • Equipment Pad Layout Drawings


We at Enveetech come with full-fledged expertise in fulfilling the MEP requirements of the AEC industry through standardized Building Information Modeling services.

Enveetech - Our Specialties

We have a proven track record of successful MEP project executions and these include:

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We have designed and executed towers with MEP elements for both large and small clients while adhering to international standards.

Institutional Buildings

Our experience with construction projects extends beyond the conventional and even involved institutional MEP projects.

Residential buildings

We have delivered on numerous residential projects involving MEP elements within timelines and high efficiency.

Commercial Buildings

Our services have helped our clients to complete large scale commercial projects involving intricate MEP components.

Industrial Buildings

Our engineers have the experience and expertise at executing complex industrial projects with a high level of accuracy.

Hospital Buildings

Our team of experts has helped our clients associated with the healthcare sector in completing hospital MEP projects.

Parking Structures

We have developed and designed parking structures for clients across various geographies in the world.

We provide a range of services for our clients when it comes to MEP BIM and these include the following:

Enveetech - Services Capabilities

HVAC/ Electrical & Plumbing

We have the expertise, knowledge, and experience in developing and designing HVAC/ MEP systems within a construction project.

Clash Detection & Coordination

Our team of engineers has the necessary confidence in designing accurate MEP output with the help of Clash Detection & Coordination.

Mechanical Room Modelling

We come with the expertise for providing mechanical modeling services for MEP/ HVAC consultants, fabricators, and manufacturers.

MEP 2D Drawings

We provide MEP 2D drafting services and MEP CAD drawings for various clients in the structural engineering domain.

PDF to CAD conversions

We have the in-house expertise in converting simple PDF files into detailed CAD documents irrespective of the size and scale.

Bill of Material (BOM)

We have the expertise and knowledge for creating an exhaustive bill of materials associated with MEP projects.

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3D CAD Modelling

We can provide clients with realistic 3D models for MEP projects which come with flexible documentation options.

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) Data Entry

We have in-house expertise to allow clients for COBie data exchange during the handover from construction to operations.

Enveetech – Our Deliverables

Our team of engineers and experts are well versed with all aspects of BIM MEP modeling and provide clients all necessary documentation, including:

best steel detailing services
MEP Sleeve/ Penetration Drawings

We are capable of supporting our clients in MEP projects comprehensively through MEP Sleeve or Penetration drawings.

Equipment Pad Layout Drawings

We are capable of providing detailed drawings that can help clients with the installation of equipment within their premises.

As-Built Drawings

We come with expertise in devising “As-Built” drawings for older constructions and projects without up-to-date drawings.

MEP BIM Model (LOD 300, 400, 500)

We have designers and engineers who are capable of creating 3D MEP BIM models for MEP professionals.

Clash Reports

Our clash detection reports are extremely crucial in allowing the necessary coordination between architects and structural engineers.

2D drawings

Our in-house team of experts has the capabilities of providing extremely detailed 2D drawings for MEP projects.

Coordination Drawings

We provide all our clients with coordination drawings for MEP projects that are able to define the exact location of MEP elements within the project.

Section Drawings

We equip all our clients with all the necessary documentation for fast-tracking a project including section MEP drawings.

Spool Drawings

Our engineers are quite well versed in creating spool drawings associated with the assembly of pipes and associated components.

Bill of Materials

Our engineers and in-house technological tools can provide the client with exact estimates of raw materials for a project.

Enveetech - Standards We Follow

Being a global structural engineering firm, we know how to adapt our executions in line with prevailing international standards, which are:
  • International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)

    We adhere to the standards established by IECC in most projects that are based out of the American sub-continent.

  • National Fire Protection Association Codes (NFPA)

    All our MEP projects that involve fire protection are devised in strict adherence to established NFPA codes.

  • Australian Standards for Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems & Equipment (AS 1851 -2005)

    All our MEP projects pertaining to clients based in Australia strictly follow the standards proposed by AS 1851-2005

  • NBN Standards

    We remain committed to the NBN standards for most of the construction projects from Belgium and adjacent countries.

  • American Society of Heating & Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers Standards (ASHRAE)

    On all projects that involve an element of heating and refrigeration, we follow the standards established by ASHRAE

  • Australian Standards for the use of Mechanical Ventilation & Air Conditioning in Buildings (AS 1668.2)

    We are committed to following the guidelines established by AS 1668.2 for projects emanating from Australia.

  • Joint Australian New Zealand Standards (AS/ NZ S 3666)

    We strictly follow the standards established jointly by Australia and New Zealand for all projects emanating from these countries.

At Enveetech, we have enough reasons for calling ourselves a global company. We have executed projects in various parts of the world and are not restricted by a set of standards. Our in-house team can quickly adapt to new standards depending on the needs of the client.

Enveetech – Technology Used

We only use the latest technology and software to execute projects that not only are of high quality but also are known for their impeccable accuracy.
  • AutoCAD MEP

    Our designers and drafters are quite conversant on designing high-quality MEP projects on AutoCAD MEP. The software is known for the automation of tedious tasks and allows the creation of accurate documentation.

  • Autodesk FABMEP

    Our team of in-house experts uses Autodesk FABMEP for detailing and installation workflows of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP). This software tool allows the creation of accurate, intelligent, and constructible models.


    We use the latest version of CADPIPE for Process Piping, Commercial Piping, HVAC, and electrical industries. We use this software to cater to our clients in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and Utility domains.

  • CADDuct

    We at Enveetech use CADDuct for projects that pertain to heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. It is a versatile software that can even accommodate electrical and structural engineering needs.

  • Revit MEP

    We use this Autodesk software for designing and executing projects associated with the MEP domain. This software in actuality is the cut-down version of the full Revit software.

We may have spelled out the software that we use at Enveetech. But this in no way means we are restricted by the above software tools. Our designers and engineers can adapt to the needs of a client and can adjust ourselves to any new software based on client demand.

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Client Stories

“Thanks to this BIM company , I got all my designs on time and erected them with perfection. The team of professional structural designers of Enveetech helped us to retain all our clients. I got all my work done by this amazing team from the first association with them. ”

Alex travelli

Founder & CEO

“As a fabricator, I am used to seeing a variety of shop drawings from various structural firms. But when I came across drawings from Enveetech, I was entirely convinced about the professional quality. All the drawings were accurate and detailed enough to make our jobs easier. The project got completed ahead of schedule and the final product had zero errors. All thanks to Enveetech! ”

Marc Anderson


“Our project was slightly more complicated than our previous projects and we were turned down by many firms. Finally, when we approached Enveetech we were expecting another negative response. But the structural engineers at Enveetech confidently assured us that they had the capabilities for executing the project and it was completed accurately within the time frame. ”

Chris Rickman