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Advantages of Outsourcing Steel Detailing

20 Jul 2020 | by Admin

Steel detailing is a critical process in structural engineering that requires close to 99% accuracy. Even the minutest error can be detrimental to the project in terms of time and money. It is mandatory for all kinds of manufacturing and construction activities such as the erection of commercial and residential buildings and even ship-building. Steel detailing is a process that requires architects, engineers, contractors and fabricators, who individually and collectively are responsible for accuracy at each stage of construction.

Now, let’s look at advantages offered by Steel Detailing Software:

Mathematical Proficiency: Engineers working on the software need to be academically trained and should have extensive knowledge of structural engineering. However, they are not required to have advanced expertise in mathematics as the software has been designed to execute all complex mathematical calculations on its own with minimum human intervention.

Possibility for New Inclusions: Due to the dynamic nature of the software, changes can be easily incorporated into the drawing without the need for different versions of the same drawing. The software makes it easy to present a 2D mock-up for the client‘s approval before the creation of a 3D rendering.

Advantages of Outsourcing

High-quality Output:Steel detailing requires in-depth drawings with the expertise to produce 2D and 3D drawings. Working with an outsourced agency ensures high-quality and detailed drawings giving guidance to contractors on what exactly needs to be done on the ground.

Updated Knowledge Base:The process of outsourcing puts you across to an organization which does detailing and associated services as a vocation providing you access to the best and latest knowledge, without any gaps in understanding and execution.

Value on Time: Even though the process has improved and has become easier with computers, it still requires sufficient time to render highly accurate drawings as per design expectations. Outsourcing the process helps leverage the abundant manpower resources of the agency for the timely creation of drawings.

Major Calculations:Engineering calculations pertaining to ventilation and piping can be easily performed. In addition, the geometric and spatial data required for energy calculation can be directly derived from the model.

Savings on Cost: Investing in software, training and retaining staff may not be commercially feasible for your intermittent requirements. By outsourcing, you can offset the costs associated with software for better value for money.

Improved Reporting: Usage of detailing software offers creation of a diverse variety of reports including summaries, gather sheet and more. It will help disseminate information seamlessly across departments. In other words, the team involved in fabrication would know what needs to be done, while finance would be able to attach value for budgeting purposes. Overall, it keeps everyone on the same page.

Scope of Information: The drawings created by the software can be integrated into a variety of systems. Not only does the drawing help fabricators, but it can also help facility managers in the maintenance of the building after the completion of the project. Increased availability of information helps keep everyone in the know.


While outsourcing has become quite common in the industry, it is important to select a firm that adds value to the project. Select an outfit that has shown consistent efficiency in delivering on past projects. Also, ensure that the detailing company is well-versed with established standards and codes while utilizing the prevailing best practices in the industry.

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