Rebar Detailing Workflow in General

07 Aug 2020 | admin | Rebar Detailing

Rebar detailing is a process that is integral to the structural integrity of a building. Right after the architectural plans are finalized and the structural engineer completes his drawings, the rebar detailer comes into the picture. A rebar detailer is more of a problem solver, who puts the pieces of a puzzle together to create the right drawing. He is required to have a good understanding of civil and structural engineering with clarity on how steel is transported, fabricated and erected.

An Introduction to Rebar Detailing

23 Jul 2020 | Admin | BIM

Rebar detailing provides key instructions to personnel on the construction site. Essentially, these are drawings that communicate the placement of reinforced bars (rebars) on the site. Rebars or steel rods are used to reinforce concrete. Through drawings, a rebar detailer guides an iron-worker about the exact location where the steel rods have to be placed before pouring concrete over it. This process is integral to the structural integrity of the building throughout its lifetime.

Getting to Know Structural BIM

22 Jul 2020 | Admin | BIM

BIM is an acronym for ‘Building Information Modelling’, and the use of this technology in structural engineering gets referred to as Structural BIM. To begin with, the structural model of a building provides detailed information on the structural components. This means the skeletal framework of the building including columns, beams and bolts – providing guidance to teams in various disciplines who are part of planning and execution. A structural model becomes important to determine integrity in terms of safety and performance.

A Brief Outline of Steel Detailing

21 Jul 2020 | Admin | Steel Detailing

Steel detailing is the process of creating drawings for a steel fabricator. The steel fabricator is responsible for installing the steel framework of a construction project. The detailer creates drawings that will be the fabricator to cut and weld necessary steel members together. A detailing company utilises architectural and structural engineering drawings to gain a working knowledge of the overall design intent of the building. By interpreting this information, a detailer is able to create a different set of accurate drawings for the purpose of steelwork fabrication.

Advantages of Outsourcing Steel Detailing

20 Jul 2020 | Admin | Steel Detailing

Steel detailing is a critical process in structural engineering that requires close to 99% accuracy. Even the minutest error can be detrimental to the project in terms of time and money. It is mandatory for all kinds of manufacturing and construction activities such as the erection of commercial and residential buildings and even ship-building. Steel detailing is a process that requires architects, engineers, contractors and fabricators, who individually and collectively are responsible for accuracy at each stage of construction.

MEP BIM Modelling in Pre & Post Construction Phase

17 Jul 2020 | admin | BIM

The concept of BIM goes beyond the traditional engineering design approach by incorporating 3-dimensional models with detailed information about system components, to create a virtual building before the actual construction. By applying the BIM modelling into Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Installations, one can truly obtain a smart building design.