Architectural BIM

Enveetech is one of the best BIM outsourcing companies offering Architectural BIM Modeling and other BIM Services all around the world assisting Construction companies, Architectural Design firms migrate to Building Information Modeling from other systems Architectural BIM Modeling .

  • Hospital Buildings

  • Parking Structures

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Offshore Structures

  • Hospital Buildings

  • Parking Structures

  • Apartment Blocks

  • Residential buildings

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Office Complexes

Service Capabilities
  • BIM Services

  • 2D to 3D conversion

  • Construction Documentation

  • BIM Family Modelling

  • CAD to BIM Conversions

  • Scan to BIM

  • LOD BIM Services

  • Quantity Takeoffs

  • Construction Scheduling (4D BIM)

  • BIM Based Cost Estimation

  • Parametric Family Creation

  • BIM Coordination & Clash Detection

  • 2D Drawings

  • 3D Models

  • Parametric Models

  • Shop/ Fabrication Drawings

  • GA Drawings

  • Construction Documentation

ENVEETECH Architectural BIM Modeling

We at Enveetech come with expertise and knowledge for detailing longitudinal wall systems, column systems, frame systems, slab-column systems and large panel systems.

Enveetech - Our Specialties

We have a proven ourselves time and again about our capabilities in the Architectural BIM, which include:

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Residential buildings

We have designed and developed 3D models for residential projects both large and small across various geographies.

Commercial Buildings

Our Architectural BIM services team has been able to contribute to large commercial projects with tight timelines.

Industrial Buildings

Our architectural engineers have developed 3D models catering to complex industrial structures with a high level of accuracy.

Office Complexes
Hospital Buildings

We have contributed to prestigious projects in the healthcare sector that requires a substantial amount of expertise and experience.

Parking Structures

Our designer and engineers have made numerous parking structures across the globe using Architectural BIM platforms and tools.

Industrial Buildings

Our engineers come with hands-on experience and technical expertise in handling one-of-a-kind industrial structures.

Offshore Structures

We come with the essential expertise in steel detailing technically advanced and complex offshore structures like an oil rig.

Hospital Buildings

We have helped our clients with detailing of hospital structures with an added element of safety and higher resistance to elements.

Parking Structures

Our in-house team of detailers is fully proficient at detailing steel parking structures which are known for their durability.

Apartment Blocks

Our expertise is not just limited to typical residential buildings, we have delivered on large apartment projects using Architectural BIM.

We at Enveetech are known to provide a range of services for our clients in Architectural BIM which include:

Enveetech - Services Capabilities

BIM Services

We have the expertise, knowledge, and experience in providing BIM services for architectural engineering projects.

2D to 3D conversion

We have in-house expertise for converting simple 2D drawings into realistic 3D models offering a better perspective on the project.

Construction Documentation

We are known to provide an array of construction documentation that strengthens the scope of a project.

BIM Family Modelling

We are quite conversant in developing realistic 3D models using elements pertaining to the BIM family.

CAD to BIM Conversions

We have provided numerous past clients our services pertaining to the conversion of CAD drawings into realistic 3D models.

Scan to BIM

We have expert capabilities in transforming a scanned drawing into a BIM 3D model for better execution of the construction project.

LOD BIM Services

Our designers and engineers are capable of providing visualization of 3D models along with schedule estimation with product cost and fabrication.

Quantity Takeoffs

We have migrated from estimating quantity takeoffs from 2D drawings to BIM-led 3D modeling for better results.

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Construction Scheduling (4D BIM)

We have in-house capabilities for exhaustively enlisting tasks, activities, and milestones associated with a construction project.

BIM Based Cost Estimation

Our team of architectural engineering experts are capable of connecting the cost database to the BIM objects for more clarity on the project.

Parametric Family Creation

We are capable of creating effective 3D models using parametric family elements for better execution of the construction project.

BIM Coordination & Clash Detection

We have in-house expertise for detecting clashes between individual models when they are integrated together for a project.

Enveetech – Our Deliverables

We are a professionally driven company and ensure the client gets all the necessary documentation pertaining to the project, which includes:

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2D/ 3D Modelling

We have engineers and designers capable of developing 3D models from 2D drawings with the most pertinent details..

Ceiling Plan

We are capable of creating effective ceiling plans with all the relevant parameters that go into a construction project.

Roof Plan

Our team of engineers and designers have the expertise and knowledge in executing roof plans with BIM software.

Floor Plan

Our engineers and designers are quite conversant at executing floor plans using Architectural BIM as the platform.

Floor Finish Pattern

Our engineers are capable of designing and creating a finished floor pattern while providing the client with a range of options.

Interior Elevation

We can provide details on the interior elevation of individual rooms which can be extremely useful for interior designers.

Typical Door Detail

We have the in-house expertise for designing and developing doors with a range of glazing configuration and hardware accessories.

Typical Window Detail

We are capable of creating exclusive window designs with a range of options to choose from.

Typical Roof Detail

We have the necessary understanding, expertise, and knowledge in designing exclusive roofs with intricate details.

Window Schedule

Our engineers and designers are conversant in providing complex information about windows using Architectural BIM.

Enveetech - Standards We Follow

We are a global company and remain committed to the stipulated standards prevalent in each country. Our detailers are well versed with a different set of standards that include:
  • American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)

    We follow the standards established by AASHTO when it comes to construction projects that require rebar detailing.

  • American Concrete Institute (ACI)

    Our detailers strictly follow standards established by ACI for projects that are based out of the USA.

  • American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM)

    We remain committed to following the technical standards established by ASTM when it comes to rebar detailing.

  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI)

    Our team of in-house experts are well versed with the technical standards prescribed by CRSI for reinforced concrete in rebar detailing.

  • Reinforcing Steel Institute of Canada (RISC)

    We adhere to the standards established by RISC for all rebar detailing projects that are based out of Canada.

Our global reach means we have to follow different standards in different countries. This means we are not limited by the aforementioned standards and can quickly adapt to a new standard as per client requirement without going beyond schedule or extra cost.

Enveetech – Technology Used

We only use the latest technology in serving our clients and we remain up-to-date with the latest tech trends in the industry, we use the following software:
  • 3Ds Max

    Our designers and engineers are quite conversant with 3Ds max and use the software for creating premium designs using the rich and flexible toolsets the software offers.

  • Sketch Up

    We use Sketchup as the primary design software for creating 3D models. This happens to the most extensively used software in the architectural engineering domain as per industry standards.

  • Navis Works

    We use Navis Works as a 3D design review package as it is one of the software packages that allows designers to open and combine 3D models in a seamless manner.

  • BIM 360

    We use this cloud-based application software that helps in management and collaboration for large projects. It connects the entire team and helps in streamlining project reviews and coordination workflows.

  • Graphisoft ArchiCAD

    Our engineers and designers use this intuitive BIM software for its powerful suite of built-in tools and a user-friendly interface which is known to produce the best output for Architectural BIM.

  • AUTODESK Revit

    Our engineers and designers use AutoCAD Revit for the creation of realistic 3D models. This software is known for being a perfect fit to produce 3D output for architectural engineering firms.


    We use AutoCAD mainly for drafting 2D drawings which are later fed into the BIM software for creating realistic 3D models. Although it is an old application, it still finds relevance in 3D modeling.

Our engineers and designers are not restricted by the aforementioned software and can easily adapt to different software based on the requirements of the client. We have had experiences in the past where have adapted quickly and have delivered as per expectations.

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Client Stories

“Thanks to this BIM company , I got all my designs on time and erected them with perfection. The team of professional architectural designers of Enveetech helped us to retain all our clients. I got all my work done by this amazing team from the first association with them. ”

Alex travelli

Founder & CEO

“As a fabricator, I am used to seeing a variety of shop drawings from various architectural firms. But when I came across drawings from Enveetech, I was entirely convinced about the professional quality. All the drawings were accurate and detailed enough to make our jobs easier. The project got completed ahead of schedule and the final product had zero errors. All thanks to Enveetech! ”

Marc Anderson


“Our project was slightly more complicated than our previous projects and we were turned down by many firms. Finally, when we approached Enveetech we were expecting another negative response. But the architectural engineers at Enveetech confidently assured us that they had the capabilities for executing the project and it was completed accurately within the time frame. ”

Chris Rickman