BIM Design & Consulting Company

At Enveetech, our design and consulting services help you to efficiently design, analyze and work with architects and structural engineers.


Our Team offers client’s a wide range of reinforcement solutions with all possibilities of design and consulting services.


We provide a total solution for commercial project services covering all aspects of the projects from consulting to designing.


We at Enveetech, offer economical and effecient engineering at offshore level through resource optimisation and value engineering.

ENVEETECH Design & Consulting Company

Enveetech is a fast growing Steel Engineering Consulting & Designing firm, where precise and detailed planning is the key motto!

Welcome to Enveetech

Your consultation with us helps you in setting your goal and budget requirements for your project!

enveetech bim consultant
Reduce the cost of installation

Enveetech provides cost effective solutions that can simplify the task of installation with high accuracy.

Easy estimation process

Our team of rebar estimators has 10+ years of combined experience which makes the estimation process easy.

Requirement Gathering at the start

We gather all information required for the detailing process and make an estimate of your needs that are required for the project.

Be with in your time schedule

Enveetech offers accurate quotes to our clients and stays with your time schedule.

Client Stories

“Thanks to this BIM company , I got all my designs on time and erected them with perfection. The team of professional structural designers of Enveetech helped us to retain all our clients. I got all my work done by this amazing team from the first association with them. ”

Alex travelli

Founder & CEO

“As a fabricator, I am used to seeing a variety of shop drawings from various structural firms. But when I came across drawings from Enveetech, I was entirely convinced about the professional quality. All the drawings were accurate and detailed enough to make our jobs easier. The project got completed ahead of schedule and the final product had zero errors. All thanks to Enveetech! ”

Marc Anderson


“Our project was slightly more complicated than our previous projects and we were turned down by many firms. Finally, when we approached Enveetech we were expecting another negative response. But the structural engineers at Enveetech confidently assured us that they had the capabilities for executing the project and it was completed accurately within the time frame. ”

Chris Rickman